Cartlidge & Browne Merlot

Founder(s): Cartlidge & Browne

Inception Date: 1980

ABV: 13.5%

Region of Origin: United States / California / North Coast


For two friends, Tony Cartlidge and Glen Browne, it began in 1980 in an undistinguished Napa Valley garage when they set out to build a wine company from scratch.  Their aim; seek out the best vineyards, harvest the best grapes and make the best wine that they possibly could.


Candied blackberries dominate the nose, as it opens up to produce supple, mellow tannins on taste.  A classic earthy Merlot that is well balanced with acidity, lending itself to pairing with a variety of foods.


California Merlots tend to lean more fruit-forward, with lots of raspberry and blackberry cut with strong mocha and chocolate notes.  The tannin tends to be softer in warm climates.  Merlot is known for producing an inky, purple juice that varies hugely in complexity depending on the process used to make it.  French Merlot tends to excuse more complexity in its tannin, earth and minerality.