Del Maguey Vida

Founder(s): Ron Cooper

Inception Date: 1995

ABV: 42%

Age: Unaged

Region of Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico


Beloved by bartenders, Del Maguey occupies a unique space in the mezcal landscape.  They offer “Single Village” mezcals, bringing ancient recipes from small villages to the light of Western audiences who’d otherwise never experience them.


The aroma features tropical fruit, honey and roasted agave.  Ginger, cinnamon and tangerine rest on a bed of tamed smoke, the result of roasting the giant agave hearts underground.


Mezcal is a distilled beverage made from the agave plant.  It is a “mother spirit” of sorts, as any agave based spirit is technically mezcal.  This is similar to how whiskey has many subcategories (bourbon, scotch, irish, etc.).  Mezcal often carries a smokey character to it, which is a result of roasting the agave hearts in underground pits.  This is contrary to Tequila which is typically roasted in above ground ovens, allowing the smoke to escape.