Ego Bodegas “El Gorú” Red

Founder(s): Ego Bodegas

Inception Date: 2011

ABV: 14%

Region of Origin: Spain / Murcia / Jumilla


Santos Ortiz and Ioana Paunescu started from scratch in 2011, “con palicos y canicas” as they say in the region.  This means that they were short of financial resources, but had an extraordinary talent for creating wines.  They eventually found a spectacular farm in Murcia to practice their craft at the highest level.  The El Gorú is their entry level, Monastrell dominant red blend.


Dark, brooding and full bodied, with a noticeable deep almost bitter chocolate character.  Blackberries and oak underlying the palate.  


The savory red wines of Spain are brooding and complex.  They are typically a little tighter than a California Cabernet, but richer and fuller than a Pinot Noir.  The most commonly used red grapes in Spain are the lovely Tempranillo grape and the rich Garnacha, but Cabernet Savugignon is starting to get popular as well.