Goat Island Blood Orange

Founder(s): Mike Mullaney & Gery Teichmiller

Inception Date: 2015

ABV: 5.5%

Style: Berliner Weisse

Age: Unaged

Region of Origin: Cullman, Alabama


The brewery was founded in Cullman, Alabama by longtime friends Mike Mullaney and Gery Teichmiller.  Goat Island is the only brewery in Cullman and is considered a gem of the city.  


Big citrusy nose with shades of ruby red grapefruit and valencia orange.  A yeasty wheat character translates from the nose to palate with soft tartness rounding out the finish.  Not as tart as typical Berliner Weisse, but completely crushable.


Low in alcohol, refreshingly tart, and often served with a flavored syrup like Woodruff or raspberry, the wheat-based Berliner Weisse presents a harmony between yeast and lactic acid.  These beers are very pale in color, and may be cloudy as they are often unfiltered.  Hops are not a feature of this style, but these beers often do showcase esters.