Hennessy VS

Founder(s): Richard Hennessy

Inception Date: 1765

ABV: 40%

Age: Minimum 2 Years

Region of Origin: Cognac, France


The Hennessy cognac distillery was founded by Irish Jacobite military officer Richard Hennessy in 1765.  His son James Hennessy gave the company its name Jas Hennessy & Co in 1813.  The company merged with Moet et Chandon in 1971, which then led to another merger with Louis Vuitton in 1987, creating one of the world’s largest luxury brand conglomerates.  


The aromas begin with mixed wood notes–cedar and oak–along with florals and warm pecans.  The flavor profile is open, warm, and fruit-forward with apple, grape must, and almonds.  Finish is medium length and warm with a lingering note of grape must. 


Cognac is a grape based variety of brandy named after the commune of Cognac, France.  It is produced in the surrounding wine-growing region in the departments of Charente and Charente-Maritime.  Cognac production falls under French appellation d’origine controlee (AOC) designation, with production methods and naming required to meet certain legal requirements.