John Walker Black

Founder(s): John Walker

Inception Date: 1820

ABV: 40%

Age: 12 Years

Region of Origin: Kilmarnock, Scotland


One of the most widely distributed whiskies on earth began with a humble shop in Kilmarnock, Scotland.  John Walker sold the family farm after his fathers death in 1819 and turned that profit into a spirits grocer where he began partaking in whisky blending.  Generation by generation the Walker family improved and expanded the brand to get to where it is today.


Pale smoke threaded with apricots, peaches and malty grain waft the nose.  Caramelized honey with oaky vanilla notes concentrate on a medium-plus bodied palate.  Superb balance.


Scotch is a grain/malt distillate that is aged in oak barrels and produced in Scotland.  Blended scotch combines malt whisky, either a single malt or many, with grain whisky.  The whiskies must be aged at least three years in oak barrels, and if a bottle carries an age statement (i.e. “10 years old”) it means that the youngest whisky in the blend is that old.  The inclusive nature of blended scotch allows it an expansive global production, as opposed to the more strictly regulated single malt whisky.