Remy Martin VSOP

Founder(s): Remy Martin

Inception Date: 1724

ABV: 40%

Age: 4-12 Years

Region of Origin: Cognac, France


The name Remy Martin comes from the company founder, born in 1695 near Rouillac in southwestern France.  A vintner by trade, in 1724 he created a cognac trading house.  On his death in 1773, the business passed to his grandson with the same name, who made substantial strides in growing the family business.


Dominant notes of vanilla due to longer ageing in French Limousine oak barrels,   followed by apricot, baked apple and elegant floral notes.  Ripe fruit and subtle notes of licorice pepper the palate, with a medium long finish.


Cognac is a grape based variety of brandy named after the commune of Cognac, France.  It is produced in the surrounding wine-growing region in the departments of Charente and Charente-Maritime.  Cognac production falls under French appellation d’origine controlee (AOC) designation, with production methods and naming required to meet certain legal requirements.