Sokol Blosser Riesling “Evolution”

Founder(s): Sokol Blosser

Inception Date: 1971

ABV: 12%

Region of Origin: United States / Washington / Columbia Valley


When Susan Sokol and Bill Blosser planted their first vines in the Dundee Hills AVA (American Viticultural Area) of the Willamette Valley in 1971, they needed all of their youthful self-confident, energy and determination to make their way, because at the time, there was no wine industry in order.  Today, there are over 900 wineries and more than 37,000 acres of planted vineyards and Oregon has climbed to one of the pinnacles of global wine culture.


Delightfully fragrant fruit on the nose that carries tones of honey and apricot.  Mildly acidic palate with semi-sweet peachy notes.  Finds great union with spicy foods, especially Thai cuisine.


Many people think of riesling as a sweet wine, but Washington winemakers lean toward drier styles that are bright, clean, and pair well with seafood and other delicate flavors.  You’ll taste hints of peach, citrus lime and mandarin in this elegant Riesling representation.